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DotWorker Black

    DotWorker Black
    DotWorker Black
    DotWorker Black
    DotWorker Black
    DotWorker Black
    DotWorker Black
DotWorker Black
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Create. Upgrade. Enjoy.

DotWorker accelerates drawing dots on your artwork by up to 30 times. Easily draw on wood, paper, canvas, silicone, and other surfaces. An indispensable tool for admirers of good old non-digital drawing. You just take your tattoo machine, insert DotWorker and draw.
With DotWorker you can transfer your art from skin to wood, canvas or paper and start creating drawings for sale or for the soul. Discover the artist within you from yet another side!

Upgrade your tattooing skills

During testing, we discovered that DotWorker is ideal for practicing tattooing techniques. Drawing with it is very similar to tattooing and helps to get used to the tattoo machine, as well as get the most aesthetic result.
Try different techniques: lining, dotwork, whipshading and any hybrid variants invented by you personally. You can practice on paper instead of using artificial skin, ink and vaseline, and without the risk of getting dirty.
Practice your technique and experiment on paper before creating the perfect result on skin.

Enjoy a unique drawing experience!

When we designed this device, we could not have imagined that it would bring so much joy to the artists who use it.
There's no explaining it. You have to feel the tactile sensations and feedback when drawing. DotWorker gives you a lot of emotions.
Your colleagues in the studio will stand in line to draw with it.


DotWorker works with refills specifically designed for use in space. The same refills are in the pens that have been used by American astronauts since 1968. The astronauts of the Apollo 11 mission on July 16, 1969 took the pen with them on their first trip to the Moon. An ordinary pen does not write in zero gravity. Fisher Space Pen® writes in any position and on almost any surface, under water, on dirty surfaces and at extreme temperatures. The design and appearance of the pen has not changed since 1968. The pen has been used in all NASA Apollo, Shuttle, and International Space Station missions.
Fisher Space Pen® refills can be purchased worldwide and replaced by yourself.
Simply load the DotWorker into your tattoo machine.

Ecological Responsibility

The DotWorker's premium housing is made of partially recycled aluminum used in the aerospace industry. The minimalistic design significantly reduces the amount of waste during production. Waste metal is completely recyclable.
We threw everything unnecessary out of the box and simplified the packaging itself. After all, the main thing is what's inside.

This project was inspired by Ivan Hack (VBI ProTeam). Without him and the other artists who helped us with the design, we never would have thought that a tattoo artist would rush home after a full day's work to draw with their favorite DotWorker.

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